Jeled Tabel

Leather Drum (Tabel)

This drum features a solid timber shell, high quality leather (animal) skins and pro low-stretch rope. This drum can be adjusted by the leather straps.

Leather is an original style drum, with a defined history in middle-eastern culture.

Be aware that some drums are built with non-timber shells and don't last as long.

My Name: Charbel

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My Phone Number: 0414 327 554

Location: Sydney, Australia

  • We build a custom drum for you (look at custom builds in the gallery)
  • We sell Aluminium drum shells
  • We sell Aluminium drums
  • We sell solid bass drum timber shells
  • We sell goat, cow skins
  • We ship worldwide
  • we sell animal drum skin/hide goat, calf, cow
  • We ship worldwide
  • arrange for a drummer, DJ or other party needs
  • drum tunning and tightening
  • repair damaged drums (e.g. ripped)
  • re-tigthen loose drums


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Maktoum / Daff / Ketem

We can also custom build a maktoum drum. They have a timber or steel shell, with a synthetic skin and high-quality lugs providing high tension.

Plastic Tabel

Synthetic Drum (Tabel)

This drum also features a solid timber shell but has synthetic skins.

This is a modern-style type of drum.